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ECA Zones & Time Zones added to the available Layers

(Full functionality is only available to PRO and SAT users. Upgrade now and use all the available Layers on the Live Map - including Daylight, Time Zones and ECA Zones)

The MarineTraffic family of Layers welcomes its latest members - ECA Zones and Time Zones!

Use them to improve your situational awareness! Combine them with any of the available Map Types or other MarineTraffic features (Fleets, Filters, Layers) to get the information you want directly on the Live Map


ECA (Emission Control Areas) Zones

Use this layer to get the ECA Zones displayed on the Live Map. ECA Zones are sea areas in which stricter controls are established to minimize airborne emissions from the vessels sailing in them. ECA Zones apply to:

  • the North American area (including most of the US and Canadian coast and the area surrounding the US Caribbean territory)
  • the Baltic Sea
  • the North Sea


Time Zones

Detect any vessel on the Live Map, hover over the surrounding area and you will be able to tell the Time Zone (GMT-based) there at a glance! 

To activate them, simply click on the corresponding checkboxes in the Layers section of the Live Map Toolbar.


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  • Avatar
    tom elliott

    I do not have those two boxes to check in layers. using the free version.

  • Avatar
    Thalia Tsarli

    Dear Tom,
    As mentioned above, these filters are available to our Pro users and above.
    If you want to have full access to ECA Zones and Time Zones, please feel free to upgrade here:
    At your disposal

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