I am an AIS-data contributor. Can you share more data with me?

If you are an active AIS-data contributor to MarineTraffic, we can share more data with you from certain areas or vessels of your choice, for your personal use, in exchange for your contribution. The volume of the shared data has to be roughly equal to what you send to MarineTraffic. We can also bounce back your data to an IP/Port combination that you choose.

These data will be streamed to you in NMEA 0183 format. This is the standard format of AIS-data communicated between electronic devices through their serial ports.

More specifically, raw AIS-data comes as a stream of !AIVDM / !AIVDO messages, which we are able to "Push" to a specified host as ASCII-encoded binary data over TCP or UDP. All we need is your public IP address (preferably static) and a Port number, ready to accept the incoming AIS data stream. If you do not have your own software solution to receive and process AIS data, there are several programs that could do the job for you, such as:

AIS Decoder or Shipplotter

An AIS NMEA data stream will look like this:



Click on  the following button to download a compressed file containing a sample of NMEA Data.