Special Events

Notifications of this type can help you be timely informed when the vessels that you are monitoring are involved in any of the following events:

New Photo Uploaded: Get instantly notified when a photo, that is uploaded to the MarineTraffic Photo Directory, depicts an asset (a vessel) in which you are interested. The information on the notification will let you access the new content in no time!

Sailing in High Winds: Get notified when a vessel you monitor enters a windy area based on the available data about Wind Conditions. Wind speed is denoted in knots and is a parameterised variable. Thus, depending on your selection, you will be receiving notifications when a vessel enters an area where the wind speed is reported to be above the value that you have defined.

Note I: The Wind Data relies on weather forecasts that may be up to 24 hours old.

Vessel changed Time Zone: Activate this notification to be informed during long voyages where vessels change Time Zone. Each time the subject vessel will be moving to a new Time Zone, an automated Notification will be generated.