Area Related Events

Activate Notifications of this type to get updates about vessels sailing in or out of certain areas of maritime interest (standard geographical areas, ECA Zones) or your own Custom Areas

The full list of such Notifications includes:

Entered Area: Be notified the moment a vessel enters an area of interest. You can select standard, commonly-used areas or define your own Custom Areas. Whenever a vessel you monitor enters an area of your choice and gets picked-up by any of our AIS receivers, a corresponding notification will be generated. Thus, you will always be timely informed about the latest vessel movements!  

Left Area: Similar to the Entered Area notification with the exception that the notifications will be generated when the vessel leaves an area of interest. You can use both types in conjunction so that you will be aware regarding the actual timestamps the events (Enter/Exit) took place and enrich your reports with actionable information!

Crossed Area: Once again this type of notification can be applied to any area (standard or custom) and will keep you informed about the time a vessel you monitor has crossed an area of interest.  

Note I: the Crossed Area Notification can be very useful if you have created linear Custom Areas as you will get informed the moment a vessel crosses the line you have defined. 

Crossed Strait/Passage: Activate this notification type to be informed when a vessel you monitor crosses any of the commonly-used straits or sea-passages of the world (view a list of the Straits/Passages used by the Notifications System). 

Entered Emission Control Area (ECA): Get notified when a vessel sails into an ECA Zone. ECA Zones apply to:

  • the North American area (including most of the US and Canadian coast and the area surrounding the US Caribbean territory)
  • the Baltic Sea
  • the North Sea

Left Emission Control Area (ECA): Get informed when a vessel, that was previously moving inside an ECA Zone, leaves. Again, you can use both ECA-related notifications in conjunction so that you can keep a timeline of such events!