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Added functionality to your Custom Areas

(feature available to all registered MarineTraffic users, regardless of their subscription plan)

Actively monitoring marine activity in user-defined areas has never been easier!

Take advantage of the added functionality and options to create your own Custom Areas in a simple and effective way!

Create Points, draw circular Areas, polygons or lines to define your Custom Areas, name them, select their colour and get them displayed on the MarineTraffic Live Map

Combine them with other MarineTraffic services (such as Nautical Charts, as shown on the picture below) to gain actionable insights about specific areas of the world that matter the most to you!

What's more, you can also start receiving Notifications about vessels moving in and out of user-specified areas and enrich your reports with actual AIS-Data the moment they become available - make sure to take a look!


Let us know what you think of the upgraded feature in the comments below!

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