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MarineTraffic Mobile App Updates

The latest updates of the MarineTraffic App have been released (Version 3.5.2 for the Android devices and Version 3.5.7 for the iOS devices). As always, there are various fixes, performance and interface improvements!

Let's have a look at the most notable new features:


The Vessel Details pages have been enhanced with more options including the Voyage Forecasts snippet (full functionality available to PRO and SAT users only)!
Note also the retractable menu (Track options, Show on the Live Map, Manage My Fleets, Manage Notifications, Photo Upload) at the lower end of the Vessel Details pages! More available options at any time! 
What's more, you can now get animated Voyage Forecasts directly on the Live Map!
The latest update enables you to set-up and manage your Notifications directly from your mobile device!
Creating new Notifications is a matter of seconds from now on!
Swipe gestures have also been enabled so that you can show/hide the Main menu and the Settings sub-menu while viewing the Live Map - the cool thing is that you can do so even when in full-screen mode!
Also, by using the Search Options, you can customize or clear your Search History!
Finally, you can manually fine-tune and calibrate the compass of your mobile device for an even smoother functionality of the Augmented Reality (In-App purchase) tool!

Download the Mobile App and take MarineTraffic with you!


Did you enjoy the improvements and the new features of the MarineTraffic Mobile App? Let us know in the comments below!

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    Andrew Westcott-Weaver

    The mobile app (iOS) is far superior to the regular on my laptop. Well worth the small purchase cost.

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