Why can't I see details for all vessels?

The Live Map has been upgraded to display more vessel positions - including vessels sailing in remote areas and deep seas - for free to all MarineTraffic users.

This way you can get an overview of the global merchant fleet at a glance (regardless of what subscription plan you are on)!Webp.net-gifmaker__1_.gifThis is possible in virtue of displaying Satellite AIS positions along with the Terrestrial AIS positions enabling all users to get extended coverage to the latest vessels' positions, whether they are close to coastal regions, sailing mid-ocean or in remote areas!

For any vessel whose last position was received via satellite, every user will now be able to see the vessel type and the time of her last received position.Untitled.jpgTo get full access, subscribe to a Satellite AIS product (SAT / SAT PRO subscription plan or SAT Add-on) and identify any vessel along with voyage information and other details (speed, course, draught profile)!