Get Started with OnCourse App

Depending on the OS of your mobile device, visit the corresponding store to download and install the OnCourse Mobile App.

In order to take the most out of OnCourse, it is recommended that you complete your profile as prompted when you run the application for the first time.

To create a complete profile, there are 3 basic steps:

  • setup an account - if you are an already registered MarineTraffic user, you can use the same credentials you use to login to your account on the MarineTraffic website or the MarineTraffic Mobile App

If you do not have a MarineTraffic account, tap on the Register button to create one. The registration process is easy and can be completed in a matter of seconds. Just fill in the required fields and tap on the Register button.

  • register a boat - look your boat up in the MarineTraffic database using the Name or the MMSI number of her. If your vessel's signal has been picked up by the MarineTraffic Network of AIS Receivers or via the mAIS application (the predecessor of OnCourse), it will come up on the list.

If you cannot find your vessel, you can use the +Register a new boat option to do so. Simply tap on it and fill in the information regarding her - Name, Country, MMSI Number, Type and Subtype, your Role on the Ship and Call Sign - which will become available in the MarineTraffic website.

Click on the OK button when you are ready! 

Important note: you will need an MMSI number to be able to report your positions to MarineTraffic. If your vessel does not have one, leave the relevant field blank and tap on the OK button. Note also that it normally takes less than 24 for a new vessel record to be created.

We will then attribute a proprietary MMSI to you so that you will be able to view your vessel on the MarineTraffic website.

Please note that this number will not be an official MMSI number and can only be used for position reporting purposes on MarineTraffic. This number is NOT to be programmed into any radio equipment such as AIS transponders or DSC radio.

  • set a voyage - use the available options to set and store a voyage.

When you are ready, you can tap on any of the available options at the bottom of the screen (Past Voyages, Start Sailing, Sail Later) and your voyage will be saved.

If you have completed all of the steps and have selected the Start Sailing option, the OnCourse app will enter Cruise Mode and you will be able to monitor your voyage while reporting your positions to MarineTraffic at the same time!