Cruise with OnCourse App

Once you have completed your profile (created a MarineTraffic account, registered a vessel, set up a voyage), you can make the most out of the OnCourse application and start sailing, record your tracks and report your positions to MarineTraffic. You just need to make sure that your GPS/Location Services is ON and that you are connected to the Internet.

All you have to do is to enter Cruise Mode and start actively monitoring your voyage! Simply, tap on the Cruise Mode icon on the Top Menu

From there, you can select the Start Sailing option after having set-up your planned voyage.


The application now runs in Cruise Mode - note that the relevant icon has turned red. Your boat becomes the focal point of the Live Map and all other vessels stop being anonymized so that you can know of which are sailing close to you at any time (provided that they transmit positions via AIS).

A virtual compass will surround your boat to help you navigate with ease. At the bottom of the screen, there will be constantly updated information regarding your Speed (SOG) and Course (COG) along with the relevant details. 

Even with Cruise Mode activated, you are still able to drag the map around or zoom in and out to view the waters ahead or plan your route. When doing so, the Stop Panning option appears. You can tap on it and your boat will become the focal point of the map again. 

Note also that you can alter the details of your current voyage (for example, set an updated ETA or change Destination) by tapping on the relevant icon on the Top Menu (this icon is only available when Cruise Mode is ON).

Note: You can always change the Cruise Mode settings from the relevant sub-menu and personalise certain functionality aspects to match your preferences.