My Voyages on OnCourse App

If you tap on the My Voyages option in the OnCourse side menu, a list of all the voyages that you have recorded using the app will be brought out.


Upon selecting any voyage, you will be able to:

  1. Rename: tap on this button to change the name of the selected voyage
  2. Delete: erase the record of the subject past voyage
  3. Get animated tracks: view an animation of the past voyage as recorded by the application


The green flag shows the starting point of the voyage and the checkered flag the destination. The course that has been followed is indicated by the continuous line that joins the 2 points. There are also small icons on the line - these represent the positions that have been reported to MarineTraffic via the OnCourse application. You may simply tap on any such icon to view the details regarding the corresponding position.

In order to start the animated playback of the voyage, you can tap on the Play icon. Also, you may use the slider to forward/rewind the animation or go to a selected part of the voyage. To exit the animation, tap on the X icon.