Comar SLR-350Ni

Specifically designed for coastal monitoring of AIS-equipped vessels, SLR-350Ni is a new take on traditional AIS receivers amping up the functionality of the successful Comar SLR-350N.

This compact dual-channel synthesized VHF receiver is based on the Raspberry Pi 3 mini computer. With built-in Ethernet, WiFi and USB interfaces, it can be connected to any wired or wireless network and start streaming data to up to five user-defined destinations excluding the reserved MarineTraffic data stream.

The unit is capable of receiving and decoding all AIS transmissions from vessels fitted with Class A or Class B AIS transceivers, Aids to Navigation, and SART. Using compatible software, AIS data transmitted from ships within range can be displayed on the screen giving a visual representation of all traffic within VHF range. The web UI of the receiver also enables local plotting. 

Download the SLR350Ni User's Manual (pdf)

Download the relevant MTUtility software, depending on your Operating System:

Windows (64 bit)

Windows (32 bit)




Keep in mind that anyone can contribute to the collection of AIS Data by setting up an AIS receiving station. If you want to expand AIS coverage around your area, feel free to apply for free AIS-receiving equipment.

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