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Advanced Filtering Options | From volumes to laser-focused

(Full functionality is only available to PRO and SAT users. Upgrade now to take your filtering options to the next level!)

MarineTraffic constantly tries to improve on AIS Network coverage so that more and more vessels can be displayed on the Live Map. An apparent proof of the ongoing efforts is the growing number of vessels in range - we actually keep breaking one record after another in terms of distinct vessels on the map!

With so much information gathered on a screen, quick retrieval of the parts that really matter to your line of business is of utmost importance!

To make things simpler, we have just added more filterings options on the relevant section of the Live Map Toolbar so that you can efficiently control what gets displayed or not!

The available options now include:

  • Type (plus sub-types)
  • Capacity (Gross Tonnage, Deadweight, TEU, Liquid Gas)
  • Other Particulars (Year of Build, Flag, Length Overall)
  • Current Status (Moving Status, Load Condition, Current Speed, AIS Navigational Status)
  • Voyage (Departure and Destination Ports)
  • Last Position Received (ranging from 5 minutes up to a year ago)

(learn more about using the Vessel Filters)

As always, you can combine filters to really narrow down the vessels displayed on the Live Map according to your needs.

For example, imagine that you would like to see all Container Vessels over 2000 TEUs that have reported that are travelling to Hamburg, Germany. All you have to do is to make the relevant selections - choose the Container Ship subtype under Cargo vessels, set the left limit of the TEU Capacity slider to 2000 and set HAMBURG as the Destination Port under the Voyage Filters Section. 

Moving on to another example, the following picture shows all underway Gas Carriers (LNG and LPG tankers) for which MarineTraffic has received positions during the last 12 hours and are in ballast (based on their AIS-transmitted Draught).


With so many options available, you can practically perform any filtering on the MarineTraffic Live Map to be actively informed at any time and improve your decision-making awareness!  

Enjoy the new features and do not hesitate to share your feedback in the comments below!

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