How can I export data?

Using the Explore tool you are able to export the data that interests you the most. Data exporting can be performed with ease and efficiency with the relevant button that can be found within the tool. Upon selecting the data of your choice, it will be exported in CSV format.

You can use the Sidebar to quickly change between a number of available options, such as Vessels, Ports and more. Keep in mind that more options will be added regularly, so make sure to always check back.
Note: You can click on the i button in the top right corner to get more information about every different option you select.
To make sure you get the exact results you are looking for, we have created a vast selection of filters. Just click on the Add Filter button and a drop-down menu will appear. Each option has its own filters, and you can pick multiple options to find the information you want more easily. Each filter added will appear in a box next to the Add Filter button. You can remove the filter any time by clicking on the X button next to it.
After selecting your filters, the results will appear below. By default, a number of the most popular results will appear. However, it is easier than ever to select what you want to see. You can hold and drag any of the result columns to re-position and sort them how you want.
The Export process is very fast and can be tailored to your needs. As soon as you get your results from your specific search, you can export all of them by clicking on the Export button on the right-hand side, above the results. A drop-down menu will appear, giving you information about the process you are about to complete.
Alternatively, you can now select some of them, by clicking on the adjacent button of each result, on the left side. The selected will appear green and a new button will appear on the button that reads Export Data. Click on it to export the selected.export.gif
All exported files can be found in your Account Section. Click on the My Account button and select the My Data Export tab. There you can find all your Data Exports, with information on when you created the search and the process was completed, the type and how many records it is. Click on the "Adjacent" button to download the CSV file or click on the "Magnifier" button to be directed to the Explore search you had completed.