Online Services

Registering to MarineTraffic is free, so anyone can enjoy its features and gain access to the majority of its great services. However, each user has different needs. This is where our online plans and services emerge to provide you with the ability to personalize and customize your interaction with MarineTraffic. 

Our Online plans and services are split into two kinds, Single Services, and Plans. While the Single Services offer access to specific features and data, the Plans combine several features and even Single Services into more robust solutions, each of them designed for the most common professional needs. 

This article will help you explore:


If you need a combination of things, you may consider checking our Plans Page


There, you will also find a complete Comparison List of what exactly is included in each Plan.


Single Services

 If you need anything like:

  • Satellite AIS coverage
  • Density Maps per Vessel Type
  • Extended Weather Forecasts
  • More Vessels to your Fleets
  • More Notifications
  • Access to Vessels' Technical Details
  • More Exports may wish to take some time to go through our Marketplace. You will be able to try almost any Service before purchasing it. You can find the one that suits you best and well as make your own bundle take advantage of MarineTraffic wide range of capabilities.


To learn more about how to best utilise each and every of our Single Services, please visit our Single Services Page.

If you cannot decide on which Online Service best suits your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us here and we will be glad to help you find the perfect fit solution for your needs!