FAQs for our New Online Services vs Legacy Plans

FAQs for our New Online Services vs Legacy Plans

We introduced our New Online Services on 23rd May 2018. This article addresses some frequently asked questions about our legacy plans and our new services.


I’m an existing customer using one of the legacy plans. How do the new Online Services affect me?

If you are a current customer and you are satisfied with your current plan, nothing changes for you. You can keep enjoying your plan for as long as you renew the subscription.


When it is time to renew, will I be able to stay on my existing plan?

Yes. At the end of your subscription period, you will be able to renew it, at the exact same price you purchased it in the first place.


Are you going to remove the legacy plans?

While you will not be able to see them on our platform or purchase them anymore, we are not planning to remove any of our legacy products from existing customers.


Can I upgrade or downgrade to legacy plans rather than switching to the new online services?

While you are able to keep your current plan for as long as you want, if you are looking to upgrade or downgrade at some point, you need to consider that you will be using the new Online Services moving forward.


Is there a benefit to changing my legacy plan?

Yes. The biggest benefit being that with the new Online Services scheme, you can purchase the services that you mostly use with MarineTraffic and create your own micro-plan, fully adjusted to your needs.