Manage my Trial/ Subscription

  • Start a Trial or Subscription

Starting a trial or subscription on your MarineTraffic account is very easy. Just visit our Plans or Online Services and select the desired subscription by clicking on “Start free trial”. The trial will be available 7-days for free and after the 7-days, your subscription will renew automatically according to the billing period you have selected (monthly/annual), unless you can the renewal prior to the end of your trial. You can find step by step guides for trial: and renewal.

In order to see which services are added to your account, you can check My Online Services.

Note: If you purchase a service and don’t see it in your account, check if you have created a Corporate Account. If you have, then you will need to assign the service to yourself with these instructions.

  • Upgrade Plan or Service 

You can upgrade your Plan or any Online Service that has two versions, such as SAT Global, by simply purchasing the expanded version as instructed above. Note, though, that you will only be charged the difference, as long as your original subscription remains active. 

  • Combine Plans and/or Services  

Our Plans and Onlines services can also be combined, e.g. you can have our Professional plan or Voyage Data Lite and add Nautical Charts. In this case, you can purchase the service or start the trial as you normally would. Any charges that will be made to your account will be prorated from the day the payment is made and until the next scredule renewal. 

  • Cancel trial or subscription

If you determine that you do not wish to allow the trial to renew or that you no longer need your subscription, you can cancel it at any point before the renewal date in the “Billing”’ section of your account. You can open your subscription so as to cancel the renewal of individual components or cancel it altogether. Note that for trials, you will need to cancel each service that you do not wish to renew separately. Start by clicking on the “Do not new” button, and then complete the remaining steps. Please fill in the reason for your cancellation and finish your submission. Once the trial is cancelled the message “Cancelled - effective until [date]’ will appear. For subscriptions, you will also see the option to allow the automatic renewal once more, in case you change your mind. Any cancelled service will remain for the duration that is displayed and will then be removed.