Introducing The New Credit-based System For Notifications

With Notifications, you can stay on top of everything that happens to the vessels you’re tracking or the areas you’re overseeing. In the past, you could only purchase Notification Packs that allowed you to create 300 Email & 300 Mobile Push Notifications that were valid for 1 month. Our most recent update on Notifications introduces a new way to set up Notifications, by using Credits. 

Using Credits To Set Up Your Notifications

With our newest release, your monthly Notification Allowance will now be counted as ‘Notification Credits’. This means that instead of purchasing Notification packs (e.g. 300 Notifications per month), you’ll be purchasing Notification Credits that will be loaded in your Notification Credit Allowance. Each time you receive a notification on the channels you’ve chosen, credits will be consumed from your Allowance. Also, your allowance balance will be automatically renewed every 30 days unless you decide to cancel your subscription.


We have also simplified charges that are related to the number of channels you use, so you won’t be charged separately for email and mobile push notifications. For example, if you choose to receive a notification via both email and mobile push, you will be charged only once. This means that, now, charging is applied per notification and not per channel as it used to be. Such an improvement will give you extra value in the near future as we are planning to add more channels where you’ll be able to receive notifications.

How many credits does a Notification cost?

Each Notification differs in credit cost with regard to the complexity of the Notification, ranging from 1 to 10 credits. 

Storing Notifications in your Archive

The new update also introduces Archive, a section that stores all the notifications that you will be receiving for 1 year, so you can access events anytime. Ιn your Archive, you’ll also find notifications that you might have missed in case your channels do not work properly. For example, when an email notification fails to be delivered to your email, you’ll be able to find it in your Archive. That way, you’ll be able to review all updates that matter to you easily even when you miss something on your mobile or email. Also, you’ll be able to download all notifications stored in your Archive (in .csv format) and to use this data in your own systems.


How will this help me get more intelligent Notifications?

As we are intensifying our efforts to develop even more intelligent notifications that will cover the growing need for real-time alerting in the maritime industry, the new updates will help us improve the quality of the information we’re sharing with you. Implementing a new charging system that is taking into account the complexity of each notification will help us to evaluate the benefits of this service, and to work even more to enhance it. That way, you’ll get even ‘smarter’ notifications which will cover the widest spectrum of maritime activity, so you’ll stay on top of the things that matter to you.