How to Explore: Berth Calls

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The term Berth Calls describes events that take place in a berth within a port, such as docking and undocking of vessels in them. There are various areas within the port, where vessels can dock. A number of berths handling similar types of cargo (i.e. containers, coal etc.) or common operator, constitutes a terminal, and basically, a number of terminals constitute a port. Let's take a closer look.


A port is defined as an area on both land and water, whether on the sea or river, that provides facilities for shipping vessels to load and unload their cargo.

A terminal is a subdivision of a port and it refers to a part dedicated to a certain type of activity, such as containers or bulks. Alternatively, it could be a port area managed by a specific terminal operator. And basically, a terminal is a facility that may have several berths.

berth is a designated location in a port or harbour used for mooring vessels when they are not at open sea. Berths provide a vertical front which allows safe and secure mooring that can then facilitate the unloading or loading of cargo or people from vessels.

Now, you are able to drill down to more specific information in the biggest ports in the world. Using the Data Exploration Tool you can search for a specific vessel or port, and find out the latest berth calls with timestamps and even their terminal, when available.

If you are looking for a detailed list, that includes all the ports that have berth calls available, you can download the following file.