Route Forecast

The Vessel's future route can be easily visualised on the Live Map using our Route Forecast feature.

Our users with the Basic accounts will be able to see a forecast for the vessel's route but with limited access to the Voyage information, such as ETA and Speed.


While access to the ETA and speed details is available for the users subscribed to Voyage Data Service, Professional Plan, Global Plan and Vessel Plus Plan

This feature allows you to visualise the current or planned voyage of a vessel as well as to have access to the ETA (reported and predicted) and it is accessible through: 

  • The Vessel`s info window 
    Please click on the three vertical lines in the info window, there you will also be able to find the option to show the route forecast on the map, among other details.
  • Vessel's Details Page

As soon as you click on the ROUTE FORECAST button, the polyline will be displayed on the map performing the future voyage of the subject Vessel. When you hover your mouse over the key waypoints you will get more information, such as the expected time at that point, distance travelled until that point and more.
Similarly, when you hover over the final destination point, you will be able to observe such information as distance to go, time to destination and estimated time of arrival.
Note: Route Forecast feature is only available for the Vessels that are still on their way to the reported destination. For those that have already departed only Route Tool will be available.