Route Forecast: How to visualise the future on the Live Map

 - Available on the Voyage Data service, Professional and Global plans & Vessel Plus -

The Route Forecast feature allows you to check voyage progress from the Live Map or accesses its ETA along forecast routes by selecting key waypoints. The feature is accessible in the:

  • Vessel InfoWindowRF2.png


  • Vessel Details pages


ETA forecasts and route calculations are updated every time a new position is received; this ensures that you are presented with the most accurate and up-to-date information possible, enabling you to plan ahead.

Just click on the Route Forecast button and the future voyage will appear on the Live Map:


When you hover your mouse over the key waypoints you will get more information, such as the expected time at that point, distance travelled until that point and more.


Similarly, when you hover over the destination, you will receive more information, such as distance to go, time to destination and estimated time of arrival.