Fleet Share

The Fleet Share Add-on is an extra service which is only available to the Administrator of a Corporate Account, who can use it in order to select what other user(s) of the Corporate Account should have access to Fleet(s) of the Administrator.

As the Corporate Account Administrator with a Fleet Share Add-on, you can click on the My Fleets option, under the My Account section, in order to view your Fleets List. You will see a Share button at the right end of each Fleet's row.
When you click on it, you will be able to select the Fleet Share Add-on. After you select it, you will be able to select the Users who you wish to share your Fleet(S) with by ticking the boxes next to their names. To finalise, you may click on SHARE.
ezgif.com-video-to-gif (7).gif

The Users, you are sharing your Fleet(s) with, can view them in MY FLEETS tab of My Fleets page, with the special indication, shown below:

Notes on Share Limitations

  • The shared Fleet cannot contain more vessels than the Share Add-on.
  • With sharing enabled, you can keep adding vessels to your Fleets provided that you will not exceed the number of the Share Add-on vessels.
  • Only one Fleet can be actively shared using a Share Add-on. In order to share multiple Fleets, you should purchase the respective number of Share Add-ons.
  • The users you are sharing your Fleet(s) with cannot manage/edit the shared Fleet(s) - they only have view rights.