How to detect prospective customers at the ports we operate?

This article provides all the relevant steps that a user can follow in order to access all current or expected port calls for a specific Port.

As Ship Suppliers, one of the top challenges of your business is to identify new opportunities and potential customers, with the main focus on contacting them and offering your services.

How can you do that?

One quick and efficient way for you would be to:

Below you will find an example of the vessels having arrived or being expected to arrive at Rotterdam port.

Find all vessels having arrived or expected to arrive at the port of Rotterdam

1. Type the port name (Rotterdam) in the Search bar of our Live Map

2. Visit the  Rotterdam port detail page

3. Click on the Arrivals & Departures and Expected Arrivals sections and click on the View full list tab, which will direct you to the respective page of Explore.

4. Now you have a list with all vessels of your interest (that can be potential customers)

5. You can add the relevant Filters, that will make your search more precise, and tailored to your needs.


Access publicly available contact details of the Owners/ Managers of the vessels

1. While being in the Expected Arrivals page, click on the Columns option, on the right to select the columns you need to access, including the Owner/Manager contact details.

2. Update the table

Note that any of our Plans unlock ownership details.

Be informed in time for all vessels sailing to the ports of your interest

In order for you to be informed when a vessel changes its destination to the port you serve or has arrived at the port, among other events, you can also use Notifications to stay up-to-date.

1. Go to My Notifications section

2. Click on Create Notification tab

3. Select the port of interest under Ports/Areas option and click on Continue


4. Select the Events you wish to be notified for from the events list and click on Continue.

In this case, since you wish to be fully updated on the vessel’s movements, it would be ideal to select the following events:

  • Arrival
  • Departure
  • Docked
  • Undocked
  • ETA
  • AIS Destination Changed

However, there are several other events that may be helpful for you.

5. Select the channel you wish to receive the Notifications and click on Continue.


6. Take an overview of the assets you have set and click on Save


Apart from setting your own Notifications, you can also access a more accurate ETA to better manage your resources

Accessing a more accurate ETA, calculated by MarineTraffic helps you to better monitor the vessels that are expected to arrive at Rotterdam port.


  1. Add one of our plans that includes voyage data, such as Professional or Enterprise Plans to your account
  2. Go to the Expected Arrivals page and view the Calculated ETA column, clicking on the Columns option on the right.

Enhance the visibility of your company

Creating a Business Profile for your Company provides you with visibility and exposure to decision-makers and stakeholders in the maritime industry. Your Company will be visible on the Live Map and on the relevant Ports/Vessel Details pages.


  1. Go to My Account and select the Business Profile option.
  2. Click on List Your Company tab and fill the required fields
  3. Click on Submit tab
  4. Once your Company is approved, find your Company to our Business Directory


Note: Add a Promoted or Super Promoted Listing service in order to distinguish your business and stand out in more Ports you serve.


Best Value: Professional plan provides you with Ownership contact details, full voyage forecasts, including route and calculated ETAs, as well as all expected arrivals for vessels headed to a given port, among other things.