How can I effectively monitor my cargo throughout a voyage?

This article provides all the relevant steps that a user can follow in order to properly monitor the vessel/s carrying their cargo along with other voyage related information.

 As logistics professionals, one of the top challenges of your business is to ensure the safe and efficient voyage of the vessels that you are tracking. 


How can you do that?

One quick and efficient way for you would be to:

Below, you will find an example of how to find and monitor “Emma Maersk” through her voyage.


Monitor and Visualize your vessel’s location

Checking the position of Emma Maersk on the vessel details page

A very easy way to search for your vessel on the website and be redirected to the vessel’s details page is through the main search bar located on the MarineTraffic homepage.

1. Type the vessel name (EMMA MAERSK) in the search bar. You may also use IMO or MMSI number if known. 


2. Click on the name of the vessel in order to visit the details page of Emma Maerk’s.

Here is an article which provides an alternative way for visiting a vessel’s details page. 

3. Go to the Latest Position Section.

Note: When you see a red banner with the indication “Get a newer position via Satellite”, it means that the most recent position was received via satellite. In order to access this, please feel free to check our Professional and Enterprise plans and our satellite service.  The last one will allow you to access the most recent positions received by satellite, and more.

Tracking more than one vessel using your 1st fleet

If you wish to track more than 1 vessel, the next step you should take is to create your Fleet. Creating a fleet will help you in viewing all your vessels in the Live Map with one click and have all your vessels of interest saved into one section of your account. 

1. Go to My Fleet.

2. Click on Create Fleet.

3. Name your Fleet (1st fleet)

4. Add your vessel of interest by searching their name or using their MMSI or IMO.

Note: If you wish to add more than 5 vessels to your fleet, please feel free to check our Plans and the Fleet add-on. 


Visualize your Vessel/Fleet on the Live Map

Now that you have your Fleet ready, you may now view the locations of each vessel in the Live Map using the “My Fleet” option. This visualization is the best way to display the vessels in your Fleet on the Live Map. Also, when on the “My Fleet” mode on the Live Map,  the screen will adjust in a way where it only displays your Fleet and disables all other vessels around the world. 

1. Go to the Live Map.

2. Click on the "Heart" Icon located on the right side Toolbar. 

3. Click the toggle button in order to turn the My Fleet mode on.

4. Make sure to check all the vessel names that you wish to see and uncheck the vessels which you do not wish to see.

5. View all your vessels of interest on the Live Map.

Get the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of your vessel to the next destination

 Checking the current ETA of Emma Maersk

In order to know the current ETA of the vessel carrying your cargo, you may view this information on her details' page.

  1. Visit the details page of Emma Maersk.
  2. Go to the Voyage information section.

In this section, you will see the vessel’s current ETA as reported by the vessel crew on the vessel’s AIS Transponder. 

You will also see that the calculated ETA is different from the ETA as it depends on our own system calculation which takes into consideration the weather, speed, distance and other values. 

Note: All information included in the Voyage information section can be unlocked using our plans, such as the Professional and Enterprise plans.


Be informed in time for events related to your vessel

In order to keep up to date information regarding the changes on your vessel’s Voyage, you can also use the Notification function of your account. 

1. Go to My Notifications section

2. Click on Create Notification tab

3. Select the vessel of interest and click on Continue


4. Select the Notification that you would like to set up for your vessel. 

In this case, since we wish to be fully updated on the vessel’s voyage, it would be ideal to select the following events:

  • Midnight Position
  • Noon Position
  • Arrival 
  • Departure
  • Docked
  • Undocked
  • ETA
  • AIS ETA changed
  • Vessel-to-Vessel Events

5. Select the channel you wish to receive the Notifications and click on Continue.

6. Take an overview of the assets you have set and click on Save

Best Value:  Professional Plan provides you with Fleet of 50 Vessels, access to full voyage forecast,

including route and calculated ETAs, as well as 300 notification credits and satellite tracking for your vessel of choice.