Use Passage Plan on the Live Map

Passage Plan is a new tool to help you import a route created on ECDIS into MarineTraffic. 

By doing so, you can achieve a safe voyage for your vessel, as well as, monitor the actual progress of your vessel’s voyage.

Note that this tool is available with the Fleet Operations Solution service.

In this article you will learn:

Importing Passage Plan

The Passage Plan required in this step should be created in ECDIS and the currently accepted formats are RTZ and CSV. 

Kindly note: the CSV file needs to be exported from JRC ECDIS.

1. Turn Fleet Mode on the Live Map and select the “Vessel Plus Fleet”

2. Right click on your vessel of interest and click on “Import Passage Plan”

3. The import modal will pop up where you can drag the file you wish to upload or you can “Browse your computer”

4. A progress bar will appear and as soon as the bar hits 100%, your passage plan is ready to be displayed on the Live Map

Viewing Passage Plan

Once you are done importing your Passage Plan, you are now ready to view it on the Live Map. 

The Passage Plan can be displayed on the map by clicking on "VIEW ON MAP" once the file is successfully imported. 

Once you click on the “VIEW ON MAP” button, the display will be adjusted in order to focus on the newly imported Passage Plan. It will be displayed on the Live Map as a polyline with the origin and destination markers as well as the waypoints. When zooming out, clustering applies to the waypoints. 

An imported Passage Plan can also be viewed by right-clicking on the vessel and clicking on "Show Passage Plan" in the context menu.

The Passage Plans of multiple vessels can be displayed simultaneously on the map by following the above steps.

Note that as one vessel can only have one passage plan imported at any given time, the last imported file will replace the previous one as "active". 

In order to differentiate a vessel’s Passage Plan from one another, you can hover your mouse over a waypoint and a pop up will appear with its details.

Hiding Passage Plan

In order to hide a Passage Plan, you can right click on the respective vessel and click on “Hide Passage Plan”

Alternatively, you can right click on any waypoint or destination marker of the passage and click on the “Hide Passage Plan”

Lastly, if you wish to hide all Passage Plans from the Live Map, you can right click anywhere on the map and click on “Hide All Passage Plans”