Vessel Notes

Vessel Notes feature allows you to hold proprietary data against the vessels of your interest.

Recording, storing and keeping track of the vessel-specific information can easily be done by adding unlimited amount of notes for the vessels that matter to you.

Vessel Notes are available with all Plans

To add Notes, you need to enter the subject Vessel Details page and click on the “ADD NOTES” button as shown below: 

V1.pngThe pop-up window will appear where you will be able to choose the note category from the drop-down list and type the note itself.

Upon typing your note and clicking on the “SAVE” button, your note will be created and the relevant section will appear in the Vessel Details page. Please note that for the moment this tool supports text details and not file uploading options.


You will be able to Edit/Delete your note by simply pressing on the corresponding button: 

Please note that if the subject vessel is added to your Fleet, you will be able to see the notes under the "My Fleet" section. By clicking on the note icon, you will be able to see the note as well as to edit or delete it. 

V5.pngFrom the "My Fleet" section you are also able to add a note to any vessel that is included in your Fleets by clicking on the respective icon.


                                                     - Available with all Plans -