Create a Route on the Live Map

The Route tool allows you to draw the route of a vessel, starting from anywhere on the Live Map or even the vessel you wish to draw a route for. In order to enable it, right-click anywhere on the Live Map, then select the “Route from here” option. A tooltip will be shown, representing the beginning of the route. Click somewhere else on the map and a new tooltip will be shown, along with the distance (NM) from the first to the second point.image4.gif

Repeat the process to add as many points as needed.

If you make a mistake, you can easily change the point’s position by dragging and dropping it to the correct location.image1.gif

You can also right-click on any previous point and remove it, if needed.


To exit the tool, you can right-click anywhere on the map and click Exit Route Tool.



The Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), which is calculated according to the current Speed of the vessel, is available through the Voyage Data Service or the Professional, Global and Vessel Plus Plans


Note: If anything goes wrong during the calculation, an error message will be displayed and the Route tool will go back to the latest state. For example, this may occur, if the Route starts from anywhere on land.