How can I stay up to date for changes in my vessel’s voyage?

This article provides all information required to track and monitor a vessel’s voyage.

As Vessel Owners/ Managers, one of the top challenges of your business is to stay up to date with any deviations in a vessel’s voyage.

How can you do that?

One quick and efficient way for you would be to:

Below you will find an example of Vessel Movement Status Updates notifications for the vessel Happy Dragon.

Stay alert during the entire vessel’s journey 

Stopped, Underway, Changed Course are only some of the options for notification alerts you can set, so as to be updated for any changes during the vessel’s voyage.

To set your notifications, all you need to do is access the My Notifications page and click on Create Notification. After you have selected the vessel you are interested in, you will need to select from the available events. 


Below is the table with the available alerts you can select from for Vessel Status Updates.


After defining the types of status events you wish to be alerted about, you can select and create combinations  from  three  channels, via which you may receive your notification alerts:

  • Email (receiving your Notifications at your registered email address)
  • Mobile Push (mobile alerts available with the MarineTraffic mobile app)
  • Archive (up to one year storage of your Notifications, in your account and option to export)

From there, whenever MarineTraffic receives AIS information regarding any changes for your vessel’s status, you will be notified via your selected communication channel.

After you have completed the set up of your Notifications, you can edit, pause them or delete them at the Notifications page of your account.

Retrospectively review your vessel’s events

To easily retrieve and export historical data regarding your vessel’s previous journey and events, you can use the Explore Tool.

You may access the Vessel Events from the Explore Tool or by clicking the option  Events timeline from your vessel’s detail page, as seen in the video below.

From there, you can define the time period via the timestamp filter and review all events regarding the status change, midnight/noon positions or other activity of your ship.


You can easily export this data in .csv format by hitting the Export All Data button on the top right corner of the Explore Tool, and keep a record of all your exports in a single place; the My Data Exports section of your account.

Best Value: The Professional Plan provides you with an allowance of 300 Notification Credits per month as well as a 3000-row export allowance to help you access all data relevant to your vessel’s voyage.