How can I ensure the safety of my vessel's voyage?

This article provides all the relevant steps that a user can follow in order to plan a vessel’s optimal route.

As Vessel Owners/ Managers, one of the top challenges of your business is to ensure the safety of the vessels’ voyage.

How can you do that?

One very quick and efficient way for you would be to:


Optimize Your Vessel’s Voyage through Weather Routing 

Create the best route, taking into account Weather Conditions, Consumption, CO2 Emissions and other data.

To start planning, simply click on the Weather Routing tool icon on the Live Map Tool Bar and find the vessel of your interest from the available list (depends on the number of vessels for which you have the Weather Routing service). You are ready to start adding your data: starting with Origin Point and Destination and elaborating with details such as ETD, Speed, Draught, Crossing Canals, Max wave height.


Once the optimization is completed, you will see 2 available routes: the Shortest and the Optimised. Each will have the available predictive ETD along with a breakdown of consumption.



Use Weather Layers on the Live Map

After you have generated your preferred route, you can see the available Weather Map layers that will give you deep insight into the predicted conditions during your future voyage.

You can browse through the Wind layers with the gust, flow and speed and direction options.
From there, you can check the Wave layers for a visual display of height and direction, wave period, swell and more layers. The Weather layers can give you a clear view of the temperature, cloud density, humidity, snowfall as well as3h precipitation and an available Risk layer with the division of weather-related risk conditions of the previous 24 hours. The Sea Level Pressure layer displays the air pressure at sea level in hPa (Hectopascal).

To review your route, Export a report for any specific route in .pdf for a retrospective evaluation.

You can minimize bunkering costs, ensure your vessel’s compliance with the regulations and control the ETA of your voyage.

Best Value:  The Weather Routing service is available for a free 14-day trial, for you to explore all tools and determine the value that they can add to you and your operations.