Ports Database

You can find a list of all the port in our database through our Port Database on the left side of the LiveMap. The Port Database section provides a list of all the ports, anchorages, offshore terminals, marinas, canals, shelters, fishing harbours in the world, with their key details and key figures updated every 24 hours. The list includes the Area of location, UN/LOCODE and many more.

To search for ports click on Ports located on the left side of the LiveMap.  

This will take you straight to the Ports Database section. You can use the Sidebar to quickly change between a number of available options, such as Vessels, Ports, and more.

If you are looking for a specific port or you want to locate all Ports in one UN/LOCODE, you can use the quick search bar.

More Filters

If you are looking for more specific data, our vast selection of filters can help you with that. Just click on the Add Filter button and a drop-down menu will appear. The first options are the most popular ones. Each filter added will appear in a box next to the Add Filter button. You can remove the filter at any time by clicking on the X button next to it.

Note I: If you purchased our Plans or any relevant Single Services a number of really interesting filters will be unlocked in this section.

After selecting your filters, the results will appear below. By default, a number of the most popular results will appear. However, it is easier than ever to select what you want to see. You can hold and drag any of the result columns to re-position and sort them how you want.

Extra details

Moreover, you can click on the columns icon on the right to add or remove columns from your view and on Time Display to choose your preferred Time Zone.

More actions

Now, to the far right of every result, you will notice a button with 3 vertical lines. Clicking on that will provide you with more actions for every result. For the Port Database, you have a number of interesting actions, such as creating a notification for the port, show it on the Map or even show you all the companies located within the port that are registered in our Business directory.

Records limitation
Kindly note that up to 500 records can be provided per search.
There are some important information and actions at the bottom of the page:

  • inform you about the total number of records found that match your search criteria
  • enable you to navigate through search results pages by entering a page number or selecting the next or previous one

Export Data

Last but not least you can export the data you have searched for with a click of a button. As soon as you get your results from your specific search, you can export all of them by clicking on the Export button on the right-hand side, above the results. A drop-down menu will appear, giving you information about the process you are about to complete.

Alternatively, you can now select some of them, by clicking on the adjacent button of each result, on the left side. The selected will appear green and a new button will appear on the button that reads Export Data. Click on it to export the selected.