143 Credits has been added to your account for free!

Why 143?

The cyber definition of 143 represents the number of letters in each word of the phrase "I Love You."


Log into your MarineTraffic Account and see it under My Account > Account Overview.

You can also see it directly from your User account shortcut menu.


What are Credits?

The MarineTraffic Credits serve as a digital currency which facilitates the personalisation of MarineTraffic services. By purchasing credits,  you are able to further personalise some aspects of the offered services and refine certain MarineTraffic features according to your wish.

  • Extend your limits. For example, suppose you have purchased the Notification Service that gives you 3000 email notifications; however, you noticed that you usually need 10 more notification per month. So if you feel that this predefined amount of notifications is not enough, you can purchase Credits which will allow you to exceed your plan's limitations and reach the desired number of monthly notifications.
  • Purchase API services and get charged using Credits. This way you can get as much information about recorded vessel positions or build your own applications with data provided to you by MarineTraffic.
  • You can also use Credits to export more data records and extend the export limits.

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Note: Credits cannot be used outside of MarineTraffic and will expire one year after it was added.