Vessel Details pages on Mobile App

In this article, you can learn about the information included in a vessel's details page on the MarineTraffic Mobile App.

All the available information and related material regarding any vessel is accessible via the details page. In the MarineTraffic mobile app there are two ways to access that.

  • tap on the asset's icon on the Live Map to bring out its information box and tap on the information box
  • perform a search using the relevant icon on the Main Toolbar (or bring out a list using the Lists option) and tap on the info icon next to the name of the asset that interests youScreenshot_20210222-124802_MarineTraffic.jpg

below is a brief description of each section of the Vessels Details page of a vessel.

Vessel Overview

On this page you may find basic information on the vessel such as its MMSI/IMO number, call sign and more.




On this page you can find voyage data such as the ATD and ETA of the vessel as well as info on the speed and distance.



On the Position page you may check the coordinates of the vessel, its course as well as info on the wind conditions (direction, speed, temperature).


Port Calls

On the Port Calls page, you may see the recent Port Cals of the subject vessel with arrival and departure information.


Events Timeline

On the Events Timeline page you may find the latest vessel events such as midnight position, arrival, departure and more.



The Particulars Page includes information on the dimensions of the vessel year of built as well as the available owner/manager information.



On the Coverage page, you may find data on how many positions of the vessel we have received and what type (terrestrial or satellite) as well as some info on the number of events generated and recorded, among other data.



On this page, users may find a plot diagram which displays useful information regarding a vessel's speed and draught.



The Utilization page has information on the movement of the vessel and the time spent underway, waiting, idle and in port.


AIS Quality

On the AIS quality page, users may find info on the quality of the AIS data the vessel transmits (which is measured in high, medium and low quality.


Similar Vessels

On this page, you may find info on similar vessels to the subject one in terms of type, flag and other criteria.


Speed Vs Wind

On this page, you can find a chart that presents the average vessel's speed in all weather.


Service Areas

On the Service Areas page, you may find how many port calls were recorded in the various trade areas of the world.


Vessel Notes

On this page you may add notes on the subject vessel as well as check and edit existing ones.