Piracy Zones Layer

- Available with the Advanced Live Map Service and the MarineTraffic Essential Bundle

The Piracy Zones layer allows you to see areas of the world where the risk of piracy is higher and constant reporting is suggested. As with all layers, you can combine it with any of the available Map Types or other MarineTraffic features (Fleets, Filters, Layers) to get the information you want directly on the Live Map. 


For your information, modern-day piracy is a real threat in the maritime industry and can cause damages to the cargo, the ship and even the Mariners. Depending on the location the nature of the threat may change, from armed robbery to crew abductions.

The Piracy Zones layer allows you to see such locations on the Live Map, as they have been mapped out by several official sources. Furthermore, if you hover over the area on the Live Map, it will show you the appropriate organization that suggests a constant reporting, when sailing through these areas. Vessels are also encouraged to assist authorities with identifying other instances of illegal activities such as illegal fishing, smuggling operations etc

To activate it, simply click on the corresponding checkbox in the Layers section of the Live Map Toolbar.