How can I see the next destination port on MarineTraffic?

In general, Destinations and ETA details are AIS transmitted details. You can find a vessel's destination and see to which port it is heading by accessing its vessel's detail page.

The "Destination" provided on our website is a field that we receive from AIS signals and it gets completed by the vessel's crew.


Since the vessels’ AIS transponders can only contain information on one destination, we can only know and therefore display the vessel's next destination when it is heading there.

Once she leaves the origin port and starts heading for the next port, you will be able to see the next destination.

Please note that we do not have access to itineraries, brokering, scheduling or chartering information.

In case you wish to see a forecast of the vessel's route, depending on previous similar routes, you can select the Route Forecast option through the vessel info window on the Live Map, or the Vessel's Details page.

Note: Route Forecast option is only available for the vessels that are still on their way to the reported destination. For those that have already arrived at their destination, only Route Tool will be available.

Kindly note that there are some occasions that captains do not update the destination in the vessels’ AIS transponders and, unfortunately, this is something we cannot control.

Additionally, it is possible that the information entered in this field may not be available in our database, and, therefore, recognised by our algorithm. As such, our system displays the exact information entered in the vessel AIS transponder, along with the message "destination port not recognised".