Access Plus 24 satellite in-app service

While recent positions, received through our network of coastal and roaming stations are available to all mobile app users, the positions received via satellite are available through our Access Plus 24 Satellite in-app service. 

In this article, you will learn:

What is Access Plus 24?

It is an In-App service that unlocks access to the most recent positions received via satellite for a nominated vessel for 24 hours. Since it is an In-App service, it can only be purchased and used through the MarineTraffic Mobile App

Please keep in mind that, if you wish to track more vessels via satellite or for a longer period of time, one of our Plans or Single Services may be a better option for you. 

How does it work?

With a click of a button, you can unlock all the information you want about one vessel for 24 hours, such as:

  • Most recent vessel position captured by satellites (when there is a satellite position that is more than 1 hour newer than the most recent terrestrial position and less than 24 hours old) 
  • Distance travelled and distance to go,
  • Total voyage distance and time to destination,
  • Calculated ETA to destination,
  • ETA and distance to the next waypoint and more.

How to activate it?

If you do not have access to satellite tracking for the vessel of your interest and you wish to activate it for a short period of time, the Access Plus 24 In-App service is the go to solution for you. anytime you want, as long as a recent SAT position is available:

  • Through the Live Map, by tapping on the vessel icon, then on the relevant pop-up.

  • Through the Vessel Details Page, as shown below.

Please keep in mind that information on when both coastal and satellite latest positions were received will be available for your convenience.