Use Access Plus 24 for any vessel

Access plus 24 unlocks the most updated positions captured by satellites together with advanced voyage information, for a nominated vessel, for the next 24 hours in your mobile app._4.pngWith a click of a button, you can unlock all the information you want about one vessel for 24 hours, such as:

  • Most recent vessel position captured by satellites (when there is a satellite position that is more than 1 hour newer than the most recent terrestrial position and less than 24 hours old) 
  • Distance travelled and distance to go,
  • Total voyage distance and time to destination,
  • Calculated ETA to destination,
  • ETA and distance to the next waypoint and more.

You can easily purchase Access Plus 24 anytime you want. If a more recent SAT position is available, you will be able to purchase this service:

1. On the Vessel's main detail page

2. On the vessel's voyage tab

3. On the past track forecast of each vessel.

As soon as you purchase it, the information will become available to you. For your convenience, this vessels will appear on the top of the list as soon as you click on the search bar.