Route Planner on Mobile App

The Route Planner is an In-App service, meaning it is exclusively available for purchase and use through the App. With it, you can easily plan routes for the vessels of your interest.image6.jpg

  1. My Routes
  2. Route Planner Options
  3. Edit
  4. Units
  5. Route Tools


My Routes

Here, you can create a new route from scratch, export one to GPS Exchange Format (GPX) or select a route in order to rename, delete or open it.

Route Planner Options

Here, you can select the vessel’s speed for the planned route and/or the date and time when the trip would start.


When the edit option (represented by a pencil icon) is enabled in the Route Planner tool, you can tap anywhere on the Live Map so that you can manually create or simply adjust your route.image4.jpg
You may:

  • Tap anywhere on the Live Map to create Waypoints


  • Tap on a Waypoint to delete it


  • Tap on a Waypoint and hold to choose a Waypoint Type, change the Waypoint color and/or manually enter the Latitude and Longitude of the Waypoint



You may tap on the relevant icon to change the Units as per your preference. The available options are:

  • Distance (NM)
  • Remaining Distance (NM)
  • Distance between Waypoints (NM)
  • Duration (Days,Hours,Months)
  • Date and Time (29 Apr 22:24 UTC)
  • Vessel Course (Deg)
  • Positions (Lat/Lon)
  • Tags (WP1, WP2, etc.)


Route Tools

Here, you can choose to calculate, record, or reverse your Route.image1.gif