Arrival Delay Risk Notification

This notification will notify you when a vessel is predicted to be delayed to reach a defined destination port more than a specified number of hours, when compared to a defined planned ETA.


To start creating this notification, you are required to select your vessel of interest along with her destination port of interest. 


After the above, you can set up the notification by selecting “Arrival Delay Risk” under Port Related Events where you need to enter the following information:

  • Planned ETA is defined as the local time planned for the arrival of the vessel at the destination port of interest. 
  • Delay over is the number of delay hours against the Planned ETA, over which you would want to be notified 
  • Confidence over is the probability percentage of the event to occur. Our confidence score is calculated considering the remaining time to port, the delay deviation identified, the max speed capabilities of the specific vessel, the speed variability of the vessel and the Reported ETA by the crew. The higher the confidence set, the more certainty that the delay event will occur, but it is possible that the delay risk event will be reported more closely to the actual vessel arrival.

The notification can be set up for the current or a future destination port of the vessel. If a future destination port is set the notification will remain active waiting for the vessel's destination to match the defined destination port, and a Calculated ETA to become available to that port. It will then compare the Planned ETA window to the Calculated ETA and calculate a delay risk confidence score. The notification will be sent to the user if the confidence score is over the defined limit. 

Since all these notifications are valuable just for the specific voyage, notifications will be automatically deleted when the planned ETA date-time is over 30 days in the past.

In case a notification is sent, but at a later time the calculated ETA indicates that the risk is now lower, a withdrawal notification will be issued without additional charge.