My Station appears to be offline. What can I do to restore the data transmission?

For an AIS-receiving station to be tagged as Offline, there should be no valid AIS message sent during the last 60 minutes. 

This is one of the several criteria that define the operational status of each station.


In case your Station is down - not sending and receiving data, please check if the following is TRUE:

  • The power LED on the side of the receiver is on (solid green).
  • The two reception red LEDs on the side of the receiver (Channel A & B ) flash.
  • In case the unit is connected via ethernet, the two LEDs on the receiver's Ethernet port should be lit and/or flash. If you had the receiver connected over wifi, try connecting it directly via an ethernet cable and check again if the ethernet port LEDs are lit.



If any of the three points above are not TRUE, try the easy workaround below:

  1. Make sure that your receiver is directly connected to your router via the provided ethernet cable and that it is connected to a power supply.
  2. If the receiver is behind a firewall, update the relevant rules at your router.
  3. If the reception LEDs on the side of the receiver do not blink, either the traffic in the area is very low, or there is an issue with your antenna. Check the antenna for any signs of damage.
    Make sure that the cable is as well in good condition and that the connectors are tightly fitted both on the antenna and on the receiver.
  4. In case the Ethernet port is not lit/flashing, use a spare LAN cable to see if the connection is re-established. 
  5. Please contact for further assistance mentioning the results of your troubleshooting for further assistance.