Vessel Valuation

This section of the Vessel's Details page provides you with information about the current market and demolition values of a certain vessel. It also informs about how market and demolition values are changing through time - Historical Valuation.

Kindly note that information related to the vessel valuations is only visible for vessels of type Tanker and Dry Bulk. 

This data is available to all users (even non-logged-in ones) and it is free of charge, while access to historical valuations is available only for logged-in MarineTraffic users. 



Historical valuations requested on-demand by logged-in users are charged with credits. 

  • Initial request (up to 2 years history): 450 credits
  • Each update request after the initial one: 225 credits 

Please click the button “Show Valuation History” to retrieve the historical market and demolition values of the vessel. In case you do not have sufficient credits to complete the purchase then an option to buy more credits will appear: 



Once the historical data is purchased you gain access to the historical valuations for a period of a maximum of 2 years in the past or up to the vessel's build date (if she is younger than 2 years). 

Historical values will be presented in a linear graph (2 lines, 1 for each type of value - market and demolition one) that shows changes in vessel's market and demolition values through a 2 years period of time. You may also consider downloading the purchased data. 

Available formats:

  • CSV and XLS for raw data 
  • PNG, JPEG, SVG, and PDF for chart view



Kindly note that when you have already purchased historical valuation data for the first time and there are new historical data available you will be able to get the new information as well. However, this will be available only after 2 weeks from the initial purchase and the cost for each update request after the initial one will be 225 credits.