Fleet Monitoring Dashboard

The Fleet Monitoring Dashboard is a feature that provides a quick view of the voyage status of the vessels you are interested in. 

This feature is available only to the customers who subscribed to the Fleet Operations Solution


  • The vessels need to be added to the Fleet - you will not be able to get the random vessels and add them to the Fleet Monitoring Dashboard. 
  • The latest position needs to be the latest 1-month-old 
  • The timeline is offered only in UTC time regardless of the preferences selected 

The Fleet Dashboard feature offers:

  • An easy way to monitor the voyage status of multiple vessels at the same time as it contains all the essential information on the first view
  • Digging into  detail when needed: Past to present weather data, speed, load conditions, ETAs
  • Gradients  that correlate weather values with  voyage speed
  • Automated fit on screen view,  as well as more  resolutions starting from 1 day down to 1 hour level of detail

There are two ways how you can enter the Fleet Dashboard: 

  1. By using the left side panel on the Live Map and expanding the vessels list within each Fleet: GIF_1.gif
  2. By entering the "My Fleets" page under your account and clicking the dot menu option next to every fleet line: 

For each vessel we display the origin and destination port and the vessel's last position timestamp against the present time where the user triggers the dashboard update: 

  • Origin port
  • Destination port
  • Voyage Timeline arrow indicator
  • Indicator of the present time "Now "
  • Simple track-line option
  • Vessel speed gradient on trackline
  • Vessel Speed gradient & Wind barb icons per resolution slot


You can select the desired resolution of the  Fleet Dashboard from the offered list: 


If you hover on the vessel`s icon, as well as on the icons that represent the Origin Destination and the Destination Port, you will be able to see voyage related details of the subject vessel: 


You can extend the menu under each vessel in order to see the weather data per voyage: 


You can also perform some actions related to the specific vessel of your interest directly through the Fleet Dashboard by clicking the three dots menu: 

  • View Past Track
  • Create Notification
  • View the vessel on the Live Map
  • Check the vessel details page