Container Tracking


What is the Container Tracking Online Solution?

The Container Tracking Online solution was created to help you in keeping an overview when tracking your container shipments and give you real-time information about the shipment's current status and the ETAs.

Overview of your shipments

You can access the Container Tracking solution by clicking on the container icon to the left of the live map. From there, you will be able to use all the features our solution offers. You can add shipments and get an overview of all the shipments you are already tracking.

20231024 anon screenshot My Shipments page (1).png

 There are four tracking status states:

"Pending" status, while we try to fetch Track & Trace information.

“Tracking” status: Once Carrier Track & Trace data are fetched, the tracking status will change to “Tracking”. 

“Completed” status: Once all Carrier Track & Trace events are marked as completed, the tracking status will change to “Completed”. The latest data calculated for this shipment will continue to be displayed. If however the shipment is completed at the time of subscription, no calculation has ever been performed, and therefore the data will show ‘-’.

“Failed” status: In case of errors in fetching Carrier Track & Trace data, a “Failed” status will be displayed, together with a description of the reason that caused the failure. See the table below for the reasons as shown on the My Shipments page of the online solution. If the reason is of the nature that a retry could end up in a successful tracking, the system will automatically retry up to 60 times in total to successfully get Carrier Track & Trace data.
If the failure remains, then a refund of the charge will be given. 

The table below indicates all "Failed" reasons, with retry eligibility and refund timeframes:


FAILED Carrier canceled shipment  No Within 10 minutes
FAILED Wrong carrier No Within 10 minutes
FAILED Wrong number No Within 10 minutes
PENDING Carrier system under maintenance Yes Within 10 minutes
PENDING Carrier unresponsive Yes Within 10 minutes
PENDING No information provided by carrier  Yes Within 10 minutes
PENDING No events defined by carrier Yes Within 10 minutes
PENDING No containers included in this shipment Yes Within 10 minutes
FAILED Error No Within 10 minutes
FAILED N/A No Within 10 minutes


"Report your issue" functionality 

Container Tracking offers a feature for users with subscribed shipments to easily report issues using a form. This form is designed to address data malfunctions or shipment errors they might experience. To submit a support request, users must fill out three mandatory input fields.
The form includes 3 different input fields that are required to be filled in order to submit an issue for
1) Type field:
A drop-down menu to select among categories the type of the discovered issue.
The categories are divided as:
Data issue type - For incorrect information about a shipment.
E.g. The tracked shipment XXXX doesn’t show me the correct information - POL or POD.
Position type - For any issues regarding the Live Map section.
E.g. The Vessel inside the map has an incorrect or different location compared to Show on Live
map position.
Transportation plan type - For any issue that is about possible errors in the Transportation plan
E.g. POD on the transportation plan is incorrect for my shipment etc.
Carrier events type - For issues regarding the Carrier events of a shipment.
E.g. I have a shipment that is marked as completed but on carrier events, I see that there are some
events that are still on planning status.
Other type - For any other type of issues.
2) Number field:
A free text input field to fill with the Number of a specific shipment or
shipments, related to the issue.
3) Describe your issue field:
A free text input field to fill with information in order to describe in your own words what is the issue about.

Charge type options and how you can subscribe to this solution

The solution supports two different types of subscriptions. The paid period-based subscriptions, with an annual commitment, and a free-of-charge period-based subscription with 10 available shipments to track within a year.
Each tracking is pre-charged against your annual subscription limit but will be refunded if the system has finished all possible retries and is unable to successfully fetch track & trace information.
Based on your needs you can purchase a paid or free annual plan here.

NOTE: If track & trace information is available but ETA to the final destination cannot be calculated for other reasons (e.g. a vessel's next port does not match the expected one), charging will be applied.