P04 Vessel Positions within a Port



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    Zakaria El Baghazaoui

    Also do I get the next destination of a vessel, before it leaves the port?

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    Permanently deleted user

    Dear Zakaria,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Regarding your questions:
     With the PS04 API, you will get positional information for vessels in one or more ports, for the vessel´s registered on our database. It does not require registration from your side, it is about the vessel´s location on the Port/Ports of interest.
    Also, note that we rely on AIS information. The Automatic Identification System (AIS) is an automated, autonomous tracking system that is extensively used in the maritime world for the exchange of navigational information between AIS-equipped terminals. Thanks to it, static and dynamic vessel information can be electronically exchanged between AIS-receiving stations (onboard, ashore, or satellite).

     You can get the destination information (according to the AIS transmissions)  of a vessel, using the proper parameter on the extended response.

    Further to this, I suggest you check our Port calls API (EV01), in that case, we generate events (port calls) when we detect that the vessel has entered a port geometry based on the AIS positions. For a random area, there is no such API. The only alternative is to look at the positions inside the area but not to get events out of it.

    Kindly check our Technical Documentation here for more information: https://servicedocs.marinetraffic.com/tag/Latest-Vessel-Positions#operation/exportvessels___

    Kind regards,


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