Website update. No Simple Map?



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    Douglas Clark

    Getting that feeling too Andrew and after I typed my initial post I went back and found out my 107 Station ID has gone also.

    I've been sharing for about 15 years and used to speak to Dimitris a lot. 

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    Paul Moar

    The new format is absolutely dreadful and physically hurts my eyes to use.

    A website I loved and used many times a day is now gone from my life.

    Ah well, no more Marine Traffic for me.



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    Andrew Shields

    Hopefully some sense will prevail but I doubt it now that this Kpler outfit own MT and they will no doubt force through change for the sake of it to prove they own it like a cat scratching new funiture. I emailed this morning and made my feelings clear at least. Hopefully everybody else that feels the same emails does so and they might decide to listen.

    The change is bad but the thing that annoyed me most is the lack of prior warning they gave their loyal users and station owners/operators. After all if it wasn't for the likes of us MT wouldn't have built up a company in the first place.


    Station 1792 (Orakirk,Orkney)

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    Nei (he/his)

    Hello Andrew, Douglas, and Paul,

    Thank you for your post.

    We appreciate your feedback regarding our websites new interface.

    It has been carefully designed to reflect most of our users feedback over the years, however we understand that for some users, the previous interface was easier.

    I have already forwarded your comments to our product team for consideration, rest assured that they will be considered.

    Thank you for your honest opinion on how to make our website better.

    Your thoughts truly matter to us.

    Kind regards,


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