Station status page explanation?



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    Riza Acuna

    Hello Ian,

    Thank you for reaching out.
    The positions receiving attributions work in a "first come - first served" manner.
    If multiple stations have overlapping coverage areas and a ship is within that area, the station that sends the information to our central database the quickest will be credited with the attribution.

    Please look at the following article, where you may find helpful info on how a position is credited to a station.
    In cases where nearby ships seem to be credited to other AIS stations further away, it could be only a matter of network lag.
    I hope this helps. 
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    Ian Mills

    Thanks Riza,

    Yes that helps the last part of my enquiry - can you please advise me on this part?

    My station page doesn't match the number of ships that my receiver is actually receiving.

    When I look at the raw ship data, I can see ships up to 100nm away, with many in my local area within 30nm.

    When I look at my station page, it shows a large coverage area with blue boxes, however there is only one single green position dot.

    So can you please advise if my status page should be seeing stats for all the ships my receiver hears, or is it only the ones that I am credited for the AIS Source?


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