Change a new MMSI and I want delete old MMSI.


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    Nei (he/his)

    Hello Pere Ramón,

    Thank you for your post.

    MarineTraffic is a Ship Tracking Intelligence service that relies on the Automatic Identification System (AIS) Protocol to gather and provide vessel positions and related information. 
    It is crucial to understand that if the new MMSI number is not transmitted from the vessel's transponder, we are unable to add this information to our database.
    The vessel information displayed on our website, including static data such as MMSI numbers, is obtained from the signals transmitted by vessels' transponders. When the transponder settings are updated with the MMSI number of the vessel, our system automatically updates the vessel's information on our website.
    Please refer to this article for further information: What kind of information is AIS-transmitted?
    Furthermore, it's essential to note that the vessel must be within an area covered by our Terrestrial AIS network for tracking. 
    You can verify the coverage in your area by following the instructions provided in this article: Display AIS-receiving Stations on the Live Map
    I trust that this information clarifies the process and requirements for vessel tracking on MarineTraffic. 
    Best regards,

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