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    Iliana Androulidaki

    Dear Arne,

    Thank you for reaching out to us about this.

    While we understand that it may be perplexing when your photos have been rejected from appearing on our website, there is a multitude of reasons that could affect this, as the reasons for rejection are based on our photo upload rules & standards:
    which don't necessarily depend on the quality of your camera.

    With that said, if you believe that there are any photos which have been unjustly moderated, please feel free to send their photo IDs, and we will be more than glad to review them.
    You just need to click on the photos, then right click and select the "Copy image address". You can then paste the URLs here, as that is the information we need in order to properly identify the photos. 
    You may send them via e-mail to us, if you prefer.

    I hope this helps clarify how our photo upload works, but please feel free to reach out for anything else.
    I remain at your disposal.

    Kind regards,

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