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    Christiana Ladopoulou

    Hello and thank you for posting on our Community Page.

    I am Christiana Ladopoulou, Customer Support Agent at MarineTraffic and I will be assisting you with this inquiry.

    Kindly note that, you can upload the image of any asset with a details page at the MarineTraffic database by accessing the details page,

    and at the Vessel Photos Panel, clicking on the "Upload A Photo" option. From there, you can fill in some details regarding the photograph and upload it. After the photo passes moderation, it will be appearing on the vessel's detail page in 48 hours.

    In the event there is no record for the vessel you want to upload the picture, we are unable to create one for this reason, as we rely on the AIS protocol and the info we receive from the vessels' transponders automatically create records in our database.

    I hope the above helps clarify things.
    Should you need anything further, please feel free to contact us.
    I remain at your disposal.

    Kind Regards,

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