How to Display MOB (Man Over Board )



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    Thank you for contacting us. 

    I have checked our database and can see that we indeed do not have a record for any asset with MMSI 972240102. 

    Please allow me to explain that as you may know, MarineTraffic is a Global Ship Tracking Intelligence website that relies on the AIS Protocol in order to provide the positions, destination, ETA of vessels, among other things.

    If we are not able to find this in our database, this means that our Terrestrial AIS Network has not yet received the required amount of signal from this asset yet so as to create a new record for it in our database. 

    Furthermore, the only way to add it to the database is when we receive the necessary amount of signal from it. 

    I hope this clarifies things.
    I remain at your disposal for any further concern that you may have. 

    Kind regards,



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    Francis Courteaux

    Thank you for your fast answer.

     I am one of your terrestrial station.  #4981

    I am sending some AIS frame that never appear in MarineTraffic. I can see these targets with my computer.
    A MOB target signal can stay during one hour or more depending of the time to take the man in board. This is not a ship, only a man or a women at sea
    MarineTraffic is able to display Ports, Marinas, Stations, Lighthouses and AtoN …Photos, Business Directory. 
    I am sure that you can display that AIS MOB SART signal. 
    The AIS identify is the MMSI , 9 numbers of the mother Ship, if the Ship is a big one. For small ships, the first number is always « 9 » 
    9 means : MMSI for SART-AIS, MOB-AIS, MOB-DSC, EPIRB-AIS, AtoN…
    For example this AIS Man OverBoard device, was using that MMSI: 972240102 (class SART) It it took 2 hours to find this fisherman so this signal was alive during 2 hours.
    I think that  your servers are doing extensive checks before allowing the visualization of a new MMSI. The lifespan of this signal is too short to be taken current. 
    In that case, I was displaying the MOB target of a fisherman over bord, in front of my Terrestrial station, using the data coming from the AIS Comar SLR350Ni  receiver, so your servers have received the same AIS frames.
    Here is an example of such AIS MOB device
    My Marinetraffic station : Sarzeau, France - Station #4981
    Here under is the screen shot of the location. The black boat is my MarineTraffic Station, and in red the Man Over Board signal.


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